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We have compiled a list of every Jobcentre plus office in the UK, the list also includes Local Maps, addresses, phone numbers, websites and contacts

Been dismissed by your employer ?

There are many reasons why an employer may dismiss you. If your employer is dismissing you from your work or terminating your contract of employment then you have certain rights to make sure the dismissal process is fair.

For more information go here: dismissed by your employer

How Much Do Calls To Jobcentre Plus Cost

How much do calls to Jobcentre plus cost?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to call the DWP Jobcentre Plus? Well, when you are on the phone to them you may be surprised at what its actually costing you.cost of calls to jobcentre plus

Find Your Local Jobcentre Plus Office

Find Your Local Job Centre Plus Office

Find Your Nearest Local Jobcentre Plus Office

Use our handy directory of jobcentre plus offices to help you find your local DWP office. Our directory offers you jobcentre plus addresses, phone numbers, local street maps and contact details. If you need to contact the jobcentre to make a new claim or to make a change or even cancel an appointment you can find the information you need here.

How to Claim up to £300 Advisor Discretion Fund

How to Claim up to £300 Advisor Discretion Fund ?

If you are claiming JSA ( Job Seeker’s Allowance), you can claim up to £300 from a rarely publicised £23 million fund of which you will not have to pay back. It is designed to help for small barriers linked to a specific job offer or job interview. shows you the simple steps you need to take to apply for an Advisor Discretion Fund (sometimes Advisor Discretionary Fund or Advisory Discretionary Fund).

claim advisor discretion fund

Apprenticeships in The UK

Find Apprenticeship Information for young people in the UK

If you're aged 16-18 your Apprenticeship will be fully funded; for 19-24 year-olds your employer will be expected to contribute to your training costs


If you fancy learning the trade of your choice and earning as you go, an apprenticeship might be just the thing.

Can i search job vacancies through Jobcentre Plus

  • You can go to any Job centre Plus office and browse the vacancies board, as well as look through other resources such as newspapers, leaflets, books and the internet.
  • You can search vacancies by looking at the Jobcentre Plus website at You can select criteria that narrow down the type of job you’re looking for and the location.
  • You can call Jobseeker Direct on 0845 6060 234 to find out about the latest job vacancies.

Government employment schemes

Government run employment schemes

If you are out-of-work, you may be required to go on a government employment scheme. However they can also prove useful if you are looking to develop your skills.

jobseeker's allowance

Jobseeker's Allowance, how do you claim it and how much do you get paid?

Am I Entitled to Any Benefits Apart From JSA?

You maybe surprised as to how many benefits there are out there. You do not need to be unemployed to be eligible to claim benefits. You could be entitled to working tax credits. Working tax credits can equate to around £200 a month.  To find out whether you are eligible for working tax credits you need to phone the Inland Revenue Working Credits helpline -

It would take too long to list all the benefits available in the UK in this article.  The best action you can take is visit  This charity has recently become the public face of which is a benefits calculator.

It is a completely free service and there is also a free phone advice line. This service asks you a few questions about your circumstances and lists you what benefits and grants you could apply for. Be sure to check both the benefits checker and the grants checker.

Advisor Discretion Fund?

What exactly is an advisor discretion fund?

claim advisor discretion fund

Advisor discretion fund The Advisor Discretionary Fund is basically a financial incentive that is designed to help Jobcentre Plus customers make the transition from claiming benefits into employment. The main purpose is to help Jobcentre Plus customers remove small hurdles that prevent them from moving into work.